Omer Meir Wellber becomes ambassador for “Save a child’s heart”

After visiting the humanitarian organization “Save a Child’s Heart” in July, conductor Omer Meir Wellber 

committed himself to assist, promote and act as a Good Will Ambassador for the project. The Israeli-based international organization provides lifesaving cardiac surgery and treatment for children from developing countries at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel and a training program in Israel for doctors and nurses from these countries.

Omer Meir Wellber comments: “I had the unique opportunity to be exposed to the outstanding and exciting activity of an organization doing their work in Israel, saving children from the Palestinian Authority, Iraq, Ethiopia, Romania or China, to name a few, for which even the sky is no limit: ‘Save a Child’s Heart’. This is a cross-boundaries benevolent organization that helps infants and children with severe heart conditions, regardless of their nationality, religion, geographical location or social background, caring with endless love and asserting tireless efforts for their medical needs and support to their families.


The children that I have seen – flown in from all over the globe, from third world countries, at times in virtually impossible circumstances, the just born babies who have gained their lives following one or more surgeries – touched my heart.


I know that through music I have the privilege of touching the hearts of hundreds of thousands every year. I intend to expose all of my listeners to the blessed activity of the ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ organization.


Down the road, a special musical piece shall be composed, titled ‘The Symphony of the Heart’, inspired by and based on a child’

s heartbeat, which I intend to record, perform and publicize in any possible way. Together with the ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ organization, we shall initiate musical events around the world, to enhance the awareness to its activity and raise support and funds to this end.

I am proud and honored to take part in this truly exceptional and inspiring human endeavor.”

Please click here to find out more about “Save a child’s heart”.